My foodie Interest (吃四方)

I chanced upon a website recently,

In my opinion, it is not just about bento or food. It is about the love of a mother. It is a website site that exudes the happiness of a mother who simply enjoys preparing meals for her boy; a meal showers with lots of patience and love, and creativity radiating the boy’s innocence and joy. It is an entrepreneurial spirit driven purely out of love for her child.

In the course of reading the blog and chatting with the dad, I was simply touched by the parent’s love, for which they have spent a considerable amount of time providing for the child, not just by financial means, but a strong and physically concerted effort in family bonding. This is alike going through thick and thin.

In Singapore where almost most of the families are working on a double income to bring comfort to the family and enjoy a strong spending power, we just work to buy convenience. We purchase the convenience of domestic worker to do housekeeping. We seek the service of reputable tuition centre for our children to the convenience of sending the children to childcare, or before and after school care. We cater the convenience of Tiffin meals so that we do away the joy of learning to cook a wholesome family meal and start to work on the homework and the extracurricular activities of the children the soonest the possible, and so on.

Somehow, you may feel related to a few of the above events, or in any other similar situations, which are probably taking place in certain parts of your life now, and you are juggling just to achieve the so-called quality time with the family. Yet there are probably a handful of people who are willing to give up their cushy or a well paid job, compromising on certain standard and quality of living, and really spend quality time with the family. This bento family is simply just one of the few who do so, in such a demanding society.

Social togetherness is probably the key family factor of growing up hand in hand for both the young and old, addressing the emotional needs rather than the obligation of just providing the physical wants, and inculcating a sense of social responsibility to each other family members, prior to leading the young to a wider social belonging in their adult life. In handling the demands of everyday life, we may sometimes overlook what we will like to achieve – a meaningful life. The somewhat materialistic lifestyle, subject to controversy, is perhaps just secondary for some, in a down-to-earth and nonchalant lifestyle.

Visit and feel the happiness and joy beyond the pages. You will probably enjoy intrinsically, their simple philosophical approach in life. Otherwise, the interesting pig and dog bento, the playful 3D cookies, and the kiddies’ chocolate cake bento will neatly fill you with a delightful visual feast.

Must be the happiest son in their world

Chocolate and banana pizza

Kueh Lapis

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