My recipe (小黄私房菜)

Fried egg with chinchalok (serves 4)

Chinchalok is a shrimp paste that is mainly served as a sauce with either cuts of chili, onions, or minced garlic.  It serves well with fried or barbequed seafood.  It is an acquired taste which in my opinion, kind of pungent on its own but if you are able to mix well with other sauces and cooking, it really enhances the taste of the dish.

My in-laws came back from Malaysia and sang praises for this dish, not commonly found in Singapore.  They have tried their version of this dish but it turned out salty.  I have not tried this dish before but I gamely prepare my own version of fried egg with chinchalok.  After two tries, I think this is the perfect recipe.  My wife gave it a 9/10.  Yeah!


  1. A tbs of chinchalok, and rinse with water using a strainer
  2. Whisk evenly the dry chinchalok and two eggs with a fork
  3. Add in generous servings of dried parsley
  4. Add in dashes of black pepper


  1. Heat a small pan of 2 tbs oil at medium heat
  2. Reduce the flame to low heat
  3. Pour in the egg mixture
  4. Spread the egg mixture around the pan to form a pancake / round shape
  5. When the side is cooked / slightly hardened, cover the pan
  6. This is to trap the heat at the top so that the top of the egg is cooked and not mushy when you flip the egg over.  It will be fluffy.
  7. Push the side of the egg until the egg pancak is loosen
  8. Flip over and cook the other side until crispy brown
  9. Serve with cuts of Chinese parsley for a fresh taste, and it goes well with chili paste or sauce.

Chinchalok (shrimp paste sauce)

 Fried egg with chinchalok