My foodie Interest (吃四方)

Joo Chiat – Teochew Traditional Steamboat Restaurant at 176 – 178 Joo Chiat Rd

Another steamboat restaurant?

Maybe one of the few with shark bones as stock in Singapore!

Its creamy look is deceiving.  The milky stock is probably fortified by calcium and the sweet aroma is alluring.  According to the boss, it takes them a couple of days just to prepare the soup for the steamboat.  For a family of eight, we easily have three to four refills of the stock.

Teochew dishes are cooked and served ala carte only.  The braised fish maw with mushrooms, the steam cabbage with mushroom and scallops, pork knuckles, and fried bean curd or tofu are just some of the signature teochew dishes.  I like the steam cabbage especially.  The scallop breaks at the touch of the chopsticks, and the bits and pieces goes well with the cabbage, which melts in your mouth.

The usual steam boat dishes are served ala carte as well.  I have second helpings to the cockles, tang-O (one of the expensive vegetables in the wet market with a hint of bitter taste), shitake mushrooms, and fish glue (paste).  The steamboat condiment is a fantastic light soy sauce mixture of chili padi and minced garlic, and it goes well with almost anything.

The overall food experience is excellent.  Soup will not make you grow sideways and drinking the essence of boiled soup is surely healthy for the young and old.  Anyway, my family does not take any kind of carbohydrates when we have steamboat.  I do not feel at all bloated even after the whole evening.  This evening is a family gathering with parents and catching up with how each other siblings are doing, and we simply enjoy it very much.

The best time to dine at the restaurant is during the weekdays.

Weekends maybe crowded even when you make reservations.  A short walk to and fro the public carpark amid the budget hotels, coffee shops and pubs can provide an interesting conversation topic for dinner too.  Look out for the celebrities corner near the entrance.

A hungry man is an angry man; it is good to decide a good time and enjoy the food without any disappointment.

The food is good.  Die die must try.  It deserves a 4 stars.  Peter, the ever friendly owner, can be contacted at 63488924.

Their slogan on the name card is interesting.  “If it is nice, tell your friends.  If it is not, tell the owners.”

But you must remember the other side.  “If it is not nice, they accept no payment.”

To date, I have not heard of anyone who never pay at all.