My foodie Interest (吃四方)

Katong – Kun ji Delicious Rojak

Rojak is a Malay word for mixture.  Rojak is a salad dish of small cuts of crispy dough fritters, sliced mangoes, sliced apples, pineapples chunks, cucumber cuts, quarterly sliced century eggs and young ginger slice, sliced guava, cuts of tau pok (fried bean curd skin), blanched bean sprouts, blanched kangkong in a nice mixture of belacan (a pungent prawn paste), tamarind juice, grounded chili (choose your amount wisely), gula Melaka (brown sugar), hei ko (black shrimp paste), and fine cuts of bunga kantan (torch ginger flower).

There are different variations of rojak in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.  The taste from the different cultures is distinctively unique.  In Singapore, one of the variations is mentioned above, and another is the fruit rojak.  Fruit rojak is not commonly found in most eateries in Singapore but it is a blended sweet juicy taste of the fruits with the unimaginable combination of hei ko.

The main ingredient that brings out the flavor of rojak must be the hei ko (the shrimp paste).  It is not to be consumed on its own as the pungent smell will turn you off immediately.  And Kun Ji’s well mixture of hei ko with its other ingredient gives a nice pasty texture which is not gluey and sticky to the mouth, and it does not mask out the taste of other flavorful ingredients.  Instead, the taste complements each other nicely.  For my family, a few pieces of toasted dried cuttlefish on top of the rojak and generous servings of grounded peanuts to garnish the whole salad will make our day.

Kun Ji Delicious Rojak is located at Roxy Square, 50 East Coast Road.  The taste simply lures me back again and again.