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Katong – The Original Katong Spoon Laksa

The Original Katong Spoon Laksa – lost and found.

Katong Laksa was one of my favorites when I dated my wife many years ago.  Her parents actually brought me to Katong and tried the noodles in one Sunday afternoon.

After the laksa war, the so-called original stall was not operating in the laksa zone anymore.  After several relocations, it is now situated at level 1 of Roxy Square, 50 East Coast Road.

At then, the coconut-milk base laksa gravy was cooked and boiled using charcoal as fuel and there were no cockles at all.  Sometimes, the gravy was not temperature hot; perhaps there were not enough charcoal to boil the gravy.  Even without cockles, the place packed a constant crowd although pleas for cockles in the dish were turned down flatly all the time.

By chance, I happened to discover the old stall again after leaving my hair stylist shop.  It is a humbled standalone stall by the corner of an air-conditioned coffee house.

The laksa came this time; it was temperature hot – they cook with stove now – and served with cockles, an option.

After so many years, the taste was not compromised.  With the usual fresh ingredients of cockles, slices of fish cake and prawns, I devoured the whole bowl of laksa, and not a drop wasted.

The gravy is not thickened with coconut milk.  The richness of the coconut milk enhances the taste; the quantity, in moderation, allows you to consume everything without feeling guilty and enjoy a true blue pernarakan cooking.