My recipe (小黄私房菜)

Lamb Shank recipe for 8 pax

Last year was a tiring year.  We had to coach the boy and prepare him for the final year primary school exams.  And you could imagine that we had spent most of the weekends accompanyed him at home while he prepared diligently for his studies.  There was a balanced of work and play but having to eat out in a fancy restaurant occassionally was even not in our mind.  Hence, eating heartily did not become our priority although my heart alone yearned very much for it.

That explained why I did quite a fair bit of cooking last year.  And one of my favourite dishes is the lamb shank, which I had cooked it at least for 4 to 5 times last year, especially during Christmas: the weather was perfectly cool for the warm meaty dish complemented by red wine.  This recipe is readily available on the Internet but I have modified it to make it saucy and thickened with carrot and beef stock, and beetroot for the dark colour and sweetness.

Check out the recipe below.

Lamb shank (recipe) for 8 pax


  1. Lamb shank (Cold storage) – a pack has 6 cuts is enough for 3 pax
  2. 2 tins of tomato puree
  3. 1 tin of tomato paste
  4. 1 can of good beer
  5. 1 bottle of good wine
  6. 2 large red onions
  7. 1 clove of garlic or 10 pcs
  8. 16 carrot stick
  9. 1 large beet root or 2 medium beetroot (optional)
  10. 1 large potato for each pax or 8 large potatoes
  11. 2 packs of chives
  12. A block of butter
  13. 1L of beef stock
  14. A pack of garden peas/corns
  15. Olive oil / grape seed oil


  1. Marinate lamb shank generously with salt, pepper and rosemary leaves (leave in the fridge while you prepare others)
  2. Blend 8 sticks of carrot (lightly peeled) and beetroot (peeled) with 1L of beef stock. This is to make the sauce pasty and thick. If you do not like it this way, no problem too but I do it this way to encourage children to eat more carrots.
  3. Blend the garlic and onion into paste
  4. Open up the tomato puree cans and paste
  5. Peeled all potatoes
  6. Cut the chives thinly

Cooking the lamb shank

  1. Heat a cooking pot
  2. Fill the base of the pot entirely with olive oil or grape seed oil and lower the fire
  3. When the oil is heated, sprinkle generously with rosemary leaves
  4. Brown the lamb shanks on all sides and transfer the lot to the slow cooker filling the base
  5. Put 8 uncut carrot (lightly peeled) on top of the lamb shank
  6. Turn on the cooker and cook on high
  7. Leave the oil in the pot for the rest of the ingredients. The oil will smell of lamb and rosemary
  8. Put in the paste of onion and garlic, and smell heaven. Stir quickly
  9. Pour the beer into the pot and some into your beer belly
  10. Turn on high fire
  11. Pour in the puree and paste, and stir evenly
  12. Pour in the bottle of wine and stir evenly
  13. Bring the whole pot to boil
  14. Switch off the fire and transfer the pot of sauce, and fill in the slow cooker
  15. Cook at least for 4 hours and you will get tender loving meat

Preparing the potatoes and garden peas/corns

  1. Bring the peeled potatoes to boil for at least 30 minutes and drain well
  2. Heat up two tbs of olive oil in a pot
  3. Put in ½ block of butter and stir until the butter melts
  4. Switch off the fire and put in the potatoes
  5. Mash the potatoes evenly
  6. Put in the chives
  7. Stir the whole content evenly and it is ready to serve with the lamb shank
  8. Boil the garden peas/corns in a pot of water for a minute or two, and drain the water and serve as a side dish with the lamb shank

lamb shank