My foodie Interest (吃四方)

Marine Parade – Seremban Beef Noodles at 84 Marine Parade Central #01-84

It was just one of the usual afternoons when I took the day leave to keep the kids company.  In the afternoon, I brought my kids to Parkway Parade for their music make-up lessons.  That left me some time to try the hawker food at Marine Parade Central.  It had really been a while since my last visit months ago.  It is one of my favourite places to get cheap and good food although the weather is sometimes quite unbearably warm to enjoy the food.

Stall vendors come and go.  I want to try my favorite wanton noodles when I saw a new stall, Seremban Beef Noodles located at #01-184.  It appeared that the owner had gone to Seremban, Malaysia personally – and so it was mentioned on a newspaper cutting – and learnt the art of preparing and cooking this dish.  A queue was gathering then and I never hesitated a moment.  If there is a queue, the food must be good, and so I thought.

When it was my turn at the front of the queue, I wasted no time to concoct my sauce dip, chin cha lok (a Malaysian shrimpy paste) and their specially made chili sauce for the beef.  You can have it both separately and it is just as splendid.  Chin cha lok is one of the favourite salty sauce to go with beef and it adds a punch to your tastebuds.

It cost $3.50 only for the dry beef noodles and it comes with a bowl of beef soup.  Slices of thin slice beef are garnished by salted vegetables, roasted peanuts, sesame seeds and sprinkles of spring onions.  Stirring the ingredients together brings up the fragrance of the beef and faint smell of the garnishes.

The kway teow (white flat noodles) simply melted in my mouth and it was washed down by the thickened beef sauce, which was very tasty and flavorful.  The roasted peanuts and salted vegetables added a crunch to the munch.  Together with the sesame seeds, it simply reduced the strong beefy smell, and added more flavor to the taste.  The beef was tender and the thin slices made it easy to chew too.  The soup, on the other hand, was kind of peppery and slightly blend.

The overall experience was great with a taste of Malaysian kampong flavour.  It is really value for money and I will probably be back for the exotic taste.

If you are one of those who perspires profusely just like me, do bring along additional handkerchief while you enjoy the good old Seremban beef noodles.