My foodie Interest (吃四方)

Bugis – 15 Minutes Cafe

15 minutes is probably enough for a quick lunch, a cup of coffee or tea, a couple more 15 minutes to reflect the thoughts for the day, and maybe more to meet with friends and have a casual meal with your family, or simply let the children break loose comfortably and creatively in the compound of an arts school.

15 Minutes Café is located at LASALLE College of the Arts, 1 McNally Street, just next to Sim Lim Square.

It is 15 Minutes Café and not 15 Minutes Canteen.  One would have easily mistaken this place as the school canteen if you just drive past the place and naturally impose a stereotypical verdict that the school compound is out of bounds – absolutely not.  It is open to the public as well.

I brought my boys to 15 Minutes during the school holiday, and they liked this futuristic place very much.  The arty-farty and spacious premise allows them to explore freely in a school compound, and the high glass walls allows the parents, just like me, to keep a view of their presence and ensure me that they do not tear down the building as a result of their enthrallments, while I take a break to check and reply my emails, read the book a little, think a little and conceptualize a small picture for a bigger picture, and ponder over flashes of reflections: multi-tasking is a …  Once, a colleague of mine put my name in the out-of-assistance, a harmless intention, and it read, “For mega projects, please call…”  I almost collapsed amusingly after anticipating the relentless torment of fatigue for such a compliment (a coin has two side: one is a compliment and the other is not).

If multi tasking is the way to be, not mega tasking, then 15 Minutes is probably one of the suitable venue other than my office (^_^) to pave a new culture to work away from office:  I will dream on as it may just come true.  Space is so well defined and you will not feel cooped in a standard office cubicle constricting your breathing space.  Just imagine an anaconda of trays; stacks of folders; working laptop with lightning speed emails packing the inbox every second; unclaimed receipts and your personal cup, which you may hardly use it, lying on a six feet L-shape working table will just constrict you every time you breathe out, leaving you gasping every inch of air.  On the contrary, the infusion of the café, the arts school, the steady flow of youth (arts students), geeks like me, and the trendy dressed adults patronizing the café are simply invigorating and stimulating creativity.  I wish I can sit there the whole day.

About food, you can decide your meals from the chalkboard wall at the counter.  Chalkboard wall is quite popularly used as you can easily customize your menu and promotions, especially if you are pretty good in arts.  Anyway, we had servings of mushroom pizza, pepperoni pizza, prawn aglio olio, and a small basket of crispy fries.  My boys liked their pizza thin and doughy, and slightly crusted on the outside.  Prawn aglio olio was slightly salty but the chunks of fragrant garlic saved the dish.  And the fries will give you a soft spot on the inside, and it goes well with indulgence of fizzy coke; my boys will get their fizzy drinks during the school holidays only.

Live bands perform every Friday and Saturday, and music DJ fits in during the interval.  The 15 minutes of fame at 15 Minutes Café may give birth to mega star singing artistes and DJs instead.  I will be back to try other western food fare.  Until then, a cup of latte at the end of the meal and basking in their comfortable ambience of creativity, enjoying their invigorating youth and the huge breathing space are rather enjoyable and soothing, and perhaps it will improve productivity at work (LOL).

You will probably spend more than 15 minutes in 15 Minutes Café.