My foodie Interest (吃四方)

Changi, Town – Porta Porta

Porta Porta is located at 971 Upper Changi Road North, which is near to Changi Prison.  They have been in business for more than 10 years.  It is a long drive for those not staying in the east but if you are in the mood for love, this is the right place for an evening of romantic rendezvous.

A step into the restaurant is simply love at first sight.  I was allured to its bluish amorous and sexy ambience, its Italian bric-à-brac, and the cozy retro setup.

This is also the place where I first consumed its very original and al dente squid ink pasta.  After so many years of trying the alternatives, I still cannot find anywhere else, almost worthy its match, in squid ink pasta; the small cubes of squid simmered with the al dente pasta in slightly thickened ink sauce gives a great not-so-chewy texture, and the sauce oozes an aroma of sea breeze.  You will probably love its food as much as you love its restaurant, and perhaps as much as I do.

I adore their starters.  You simply dip your slice of bread in their sautéed mushrooms in olive oil or black vinegar in olive oil, enjoy the warmth and softness of the bread, the taste of olive oil lubricating the sensors in your tongue, and the black vinegar teasingly whet your appetite before the main course.  Well, not forgetting that a bottle of red or white may be desirable to end the fantastic evening.

The food is splendid and my personal favourite is the squid ink pasta.  The portion is fairly large.  You have to be wise in your ordering unless you are ready to devour more than you can handle; just check with the staff on the size of the servings.  Years back, they served a set of assortment cooked pasta, in smaller portions but a variety of presentations.  I shared a set dinner with my wife and just ordered a main course to complete the evening with wine and dessert.

Another absolute favourite for me is their very original tiramisu that brings you to the height of ecstasy.  In my opinion, it is just too good to be missed.  You may share it with your loved ones, and a strong boost of caffeine will heighten your evening of pleasure.

No amount of words can tempt your sensuous being.  Perhaps,  only Porta Porta can subdue you intrinsically with their chic Italian restaurant, and entice you with a passionate culinary repertoire.

Another branch is located at Stanley Street.

You may simply just fall in love with it.