Thoughts (思)

Geylang – Enjoying durians with friends at the 5-foot way, Lorong 36 Geylang

Durian is the undisputable King of Fruits.

There are durian ice cream, durian puff, durian cakes and so on.  But nothing really beats eating the durians out of the spiky shell.  My favourite taste, the bitter the better.

I enjoy durians in a couple of ways.

I can eat it alone while watching my favourite foodie programs at Nat Geo channel.

I can eat it with my family with the durians on top of the newspapers, which is laid on the floor.

But I really enjoy a durian feast with my friends or family at the five-foot way, a pedestrian walkway turn to a dining area with make shift tables and chairs.  Not only where we enjoy each other company, we also enjoy the taste of different durians while chatting away.

We are not bothered by the different brands of durians especially those that charges by the weight because we will not buy it.  Some will probably pay a few hundreds just for 3 to 4 durians.  But not us.

The best durians, in our opinion, actually cost $1o for 3 small durians, $5 or $10 each.

Eating durians by the five-foot way is an enjoyable culture.  There are not many places where one can indulge in the King of Fruits, just the way it used to be.

Isn’t it time we relive the culture?