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Geylang – Jing Wu Ya Bo(精武鸭脖)

When I first saw the sign Jing Wu Ya Bo (精武鸭脖), it reminded me of Jing Wu Meng (精武门), a movie made famous by kung fu icon, Bruce Lee – the English name of the movie was Fist of Fury.

Jing Wu Meng (精武门) was loosely based on a real martial arts school in China, roughly in 1910.

The school was originally known as Jing Wu Ti Yu Hui (精武体育会) or Elite Martial Arts Athletic Association.  It was founded by the famous fighter, Huo Yuanjia (霍元甲) and a committee of people.  Because of his popularity and famed fights, Huo Yuanjia became the face for Elite Martial Arts Athletic Association. The history of Jing Wu Ti Yu Hui (精武体育会) is definitely interesting but I will not dwell into that.  However, the spirit of Jing Wu Ti Yu Hui (精武体育会) is worth mentioning as it can be firmly embedded into our daily lives and enterprise – it is a matter of choice.

In my opinion and humble translation as based on the three key modern philosophies of Elite Martial Arts Athletic Association, the embodiment of the Jing Wu (精武) spirit is strongly bonded by the quality of the product or person: that is how well the artiste is trained in all rounded areas of the martial arts, and groomed in positive attitudes and behaviors; the elite or the capable enterprise manager: that is how well the chief managerial skills operate in the environment and enterprise; and a sound and strong enterprise culture bringing about the growth and development of the enterprise.

As a matter of fact, Jing Wu Ya Bo’s (精武鸭脖) trade has nothing to do with Jing Wu Ti Yu Hui (精武体育会).  Jing Wu Ya Bo (精武鸭脖) is loosely translated into Jing Wu (精武) duck (鸭) neck (脖), which specializes in selling marinated spicy stewed treat such as duck necks, pig tongues, duck kidneys, duck web feet, pig tails, pig ears, duck wings and so on.   The branch I frequented is located at Lorong 27 Geylang.

The origins of Jing Wu Ya Bo’s (精武鸭脖) hailed from Wuhan (武汉) in the 80s, the capital of Hubei (湖北) province, People’s Republic of China, which became popular snack or starters to other provinces as well.  With the influx of Chinese nationals working in Singapore, this popular Chinese stewed treat was also brought into Singapore few years ago.

From the business management perspective, Jing Wu Ya Bo’s (精武鸭脖) has coincidently fulfilled some key Jing Wu (精武) spirit – quality of the product.  The name of Jing Wu (精武), which is purely incidental, is not used in vain.  Jing Wu Ya Bo’s (精武鸭脖) is endorsed by the Singapore Special 100 Commendations and Singapore Food Map for its fine culinary skills.

My Chinese national friends working in electronics industry bought me a treat of Ya (鸭) Bo (脖): duck, neck.  Well, it was nothing new to me in the first place as soy sauce stewed neck and duck head are a common dish in Singapore.  I was initially kind of skeptical when I saw everything was almost the same dull red color.  This chili red color are just the varying degree of spiciness.  The spice was rather appetizing and somehow different from the soy sauce stewed duck.  It does not taste oily and the meat retains a fresh texture, which is unlike biting a hard cold meat.  My favorites are the jelly-liked duck tongues, duck wings, duck necks and the pig tails.  I watch in amusement as my friends consume the rest of the other animal parts in their jolly moment.  Anyway, everything goes well with many rounds of fizzy beers.

The most disgusting moment is the burp of foul toxic smell, which I really feel nauseating but I am quick to fan the bad air away.  Apparently, the spices, the beer and the stomach acid mix terribly but this whole Wuhan spicy stewed treat, beer, gathering and company of friends really give you the special martial arts oomph!

This original oriental treat is simply too good to be missed and the exotic taste will definitely spice up your life.  As original as it is, the one and only Jing Wu Ya Bo’s (精武鸭脖).

[sign, duck tongue, duck wings

duck necks, duck heads, pig ears

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