My foodie Interest (吃四方)

Geylang – Keng Wah Sung (KWS) coffee shop at Lorong 42 Geylang

KWS has probably been around for a long time, longer than my few years stay in the vicinity.  It looks as normal as the other coffee shops in Geylang.

Once again, it is the cravings for nice and good food that prompted me to check out the coffee shop, just a stone throw away from home.

It took me less than 5 minutes to get to the place for breakfast before I go to work by the Paya Lebar Circle Line MRT, which was opened sometimes ago.

One stall in particular caught my attention.  It is the mee siam and nasi lemak (coconut-flavored rice with chicken wings or sausages, cucumbers, ikan billis and home made chilli paste) stall, Plate and Plate.  The stall owner, a grouchy looking woman except when she talks, sells only mee siam and nasi lemak.  It has to be good if you are just selling two items.  Otherwise…

The mee siam is served with coconut milk base sauce instead of assam.  It is served with a hard boiled egg and is garnished with firm fried toufu and chopped scallions.  For the health conscious, the coconut milk is mild but rich enough to entice your taste buds.  I never finish the sauce but the vermicelli goes well with it.

I enjoyed the nasi lemak with my boys during the school holidays where we spent time for breakfast together and enjoyed the bonding.  Just 50 cents more than the mee siam, it is served with standard ingredients.

Ah Hu Teochew Fishball Noodles is another good choice for breakfast and lunch.  I tried the bee hoon soup when I was sick recently.  The clear soup is sweetened by the fishball and pork.  It is served with tangy fish ball, as big as the ping pong ball, fish cake, tender minced meat and a piece of bee hiang.  A dash of oil – doesn’t look like lard – with deep fried onions and sprinkles of spring onion add colours to the dish and make it easier to eat.  It is certainly a fabulous dish for the young and old, as well as for those who are watching their health and weight.  For that kind of price and taste of fish freshness, you may not find anything value for money elsewhere.

How about toasted bread and coffee for tea break?  I am definitely not disappointed.  Some toast crumbles in your mouth.  The kaya-butter toast served by WKS is lightly toasted on the surface.  With a bite, the kaya and the butter melt between the toast, and taste lingers a while in your mouth while you savour the bite in 3 to 4 chews before washing it down with a mouthful of coffee.  In my opinion, a nice combination and the toast is done just right.

Another side dish to try is the deep fried spring roll.  Two spring rolls plus either coffee or tea is less than $3 but it is enough to pack a small stomach.  I get it for lunch sometimes after the morning work in office, if I need to.

I have been here for quite a number of times and the nostalgic ambience is quite attractive and charming.

If you are out of Paya Lebar Circle Line MRT station, which exit at Sims Avenue, make a right turn.  Turn right again at the cross-traffic light junction and you will head straight to Keng Wah Sung coffee shop.

This is just a simple place, serving no frills food for the discernings, who shuttle busily between work, home or play.

For old times sake, and before any conservation project takes place, visit the place before it changes to a new face.