My foodie Interest (吃四方)

Joo Chiat – Chezcakebistro at 328 Joo Chiat Road

This was a rainy week.  The boys were busy preparing for the exams and being coached by their mum.  Don’t ask me about my role in the house.  Alright, it is nothing more than a house husband and I do enjoy doing it.  And so tonight I thought of taking a break from them while they work hard and I work hard somewhere looking for good food and dining place and planning a hearty treat after their exams ordeal.

And I thought I found a new eatery in the east but it turned out it is not in business yet, maybe not.  Apparently it looked like an office to me.  Anyway, I wandered along Joo Chiat Road just wondering where to go next until I reached Chezcakebistro located at 328 Joo Chiat Road.

I had been to this place before.  I remembered I came in one of the afternoon.  It is located away from the busy streets and provides a quiet place to rest and relax.  Tonight, it is just different.  Maybe I feel like a king because I am the only customer this evening.  Blame it on the weather.  Who says there is no place to go when it rains cats and dogs.  Perhaps you may want to try to visit some of these cafes again when it rains, and you will find yourself slouching in its charm, feeling soft, drowsy and comfortable at the rhythm of the rain, and maybe the flow of inspiration may fill through your dizzy head.  Tonight is my night at Chezcakebistro cafe.  How can one resist the daybed nicely positioned at one side of the café and overlooking the streets, and be hypnotised by the pattering of the rain.

Tonight I have the daybed all by myself and trying hard not to get intoxicated by a piece of rum cheesecake and the fourth bottle of wine this week.

As the indoor shrubs fluttered under the turn of the fan, I was almost chilled out by the cool wine and rum cheesecake.  I feel like I can just lie down on the daybed and call it a day as the cool air gushes though the fan and trying hard to knock out my senses.  The brick wall and the dimmed lightings offer a country-like setting, comfortable and cosy, and feeling lazy.  I felt like a farmer after a hard day work.

I am not particularly into cheesecake but the cheesecake here is fantastic; it is not as cheesy as it sounds, and the whole selection of wines actually accompanies the enjoyment of cheesecake.  And I think the house wine is just as great and reasonably priced.  I enjoyed this evening as the love songs of the 80s serenades in the café against the background of the pattering rain while I struggle not to slumber into ecstasy, and pen this pleasurable moment in black and white.

And to my surprise, they serve meals as well.  I will definitely try their lamb shank, Thai curry chicken rice, aglio olio pasta with crayfish, pizza, and not forgetting their cheesecakes too.

If I need to feel lazy, relax, switch-off, comfortable, enjoy not-so-cheesy cheesecake and nice wine, I know where to go.