My foodie Interest (吃四方)

Joo Chiat – Fatboys

As I drove along Joo Chiat Road from East Coast Road, I could not help but noticed a prominent sign board and grouchy Fat Boy’s – The Burger Bar.

And in this chic bar of mainly black and white, you can be your very own burger designer as you decide what to stuff into your burger before you open your mouth as big as the anaconda for your very own designer feast.

Fatboys has suggested 4 steps to build your burger.  First, you choose your choice of buns of white sesame bun, whole wheat bun or honey oat bun, and follow by a choice of tender loving patties from beef to lamb, and pork to grilled chicken.  The third step is slightly tough as you will be spoilt for choice to choose from a whole range of fillings for your burger; bacon, fried eggs, shitake mushrooms, portobello mushrooms, beetroot, grilled pineapples, pickles, jalapeños, and so on.  The final touch is a splash of enticing sauces such as smoked chipotle, honey mustard, BBQ sauce, garlic aiolic, and peanut butter to make it a slurping good meal.

My boys kicked start the dinner pondering over their complex culinary design; it is an excellent novelty for families to play with food at dinner times and knowing your fillings well, as nowadays, most children do not really know what they are eating.  Later, my boys wasted no time to boyhandle the chunky burger, dissecting the burger into pieces, eating the way as boys should do, and finally slurping over their fingers with a loud burp of satisfaction, assisted by fizzy sodas.

Watching the boys feasting on their meal is an enjoyment too.

Personally, I enjoyed the tender patties, and I ate just like the boys except that I manhandled instead.  The big chunks of fries were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside for which I emptied the whole plate all by myself, and washed down the whole lot with a bottle of beer; it is a good old fashioned meal for family gathering, dining and having fun at the same time.  Bravo!

Fatboys also serves ala carte specialty burgers, grills, desserts and makes deliveries too.