My foodie Interest (吃四方)

Joo Chiat – GOBI at 350 Joo Chiat Road

GOBI has been located in Joo Chiat for one year plus already.  Its seating capacity is only 18 in the café.  The corebusiness is their signature desserts mainly for corporate customers, weddings and Baby’s First Month.  That should explain the size of the café.

The small café is engulfed by whiteness; it is like enjoying a cup of hot tea in winter, the living area dimly lighted by the chandler while the fireplace is radiating warmth.  The evenings will probably be romantic for couples and intimate friends, perhaps the company of good friends.

I was here this afternoon for desserts with my boys.  A couple of ladies squealed in delight and praised the food while I browsed the menu.  Eventually I settled down for a coffee latte to go with a set of pumpkin soup and vegetable salad while my sons ordered a Chocolate Molten Lava and Black Forest Torte.

The pumpkin soup was sweet and the cubes of bread crumbs added body to the soup and lightly filled the emptiness within.  The portion of assorted vegetable salad was just nice.  Lightly sauté in extra virgin oil, the salad served the taste buds well, drawing away the rawness.  The desserts were like a piece of art and it might just take a dessert connoisseur to appreciate the delicate taste.

The afternoon was well spent but I have to draw slightly deeper into my pockets.  I will probably be back to try the mains at some other time but I will try not to squeal like the ladies, on an unassuming afternoon.