My foodie Interest (吃四方)

Joo Chiat – Joo Hing at 360 Joo Chiat Road

Today is Good Friday.  It is a public holiday.  At 12.15pm, and after returning from slumber land, it is too late for breakfast and too rush to prepare lunch.  The kids are deciding whether to have vegetarian burger for lunch or MacDonald.  After several nights of project, the thought of solid food is somehow not very appetizing.  I just yearn for something soupy to replenish the loss body fluids and to whet the bland taste buds.  Joo Hing is just the place.

Joo Hing is operating at 360 Joo Chiat Road, serving home cooked Chinese dishes.  There is nothing fanciful about the restaurant and you can really enjoy the simple pleasures of home cooked food at unbelievable affordable price, in cash.  The thoughtful owner even builds a canopy at the walkway, outside the restaurant, and shields the loyal guest from the piercing sun rays.  You may find an interesting read about the owner in the restaurant, also an avid marathoner above the age of 70.  It must be the work of the wholesome home cooked food.

I desire their soup of the day, a flavorful traditional lotus soup with sweetness of red dates, peanuts, black beans, pork ribs, dried cuttlefish and bite size lotus.  Almost every Cantonese is a soup person, and I can easily savor a few bowls of essence-encapsulated soup to recover from the loss of appetite.  In any case, I also have to satisfy the two young potential Cantonese soup-kings-to-be with a large order of the lotus soup.

If rice becomes too hard for your throat, in just one particular dull day, just like it is for me today, you may want to have it with their signature dish, a collagen rich steamed fish head.  A gluey texture with chunks of fish steamed with salty bean paste, and served deep fried lard and cut spring onions goes well with a spoonful of rice, and is sure to bring back your lost appetite.  While the salty bean paste massages the tongue and brings it back to life, the deep fried lard adds a crisp to the dish, and the garnishes of spring onion colors the dish with lingering sweetness.

Other favorites for my family include the Sambal Sweet Potato Leaf, Bitter Gourd with Pork Ribs, Stir Fried Spinach and stir-fried venison with ginger and onion.

Everyone’s favorite is probably another of their signature dish of shrimp paste marinated fried chicken, a must have.  A dip in their home made sambal chili, an acquired taste, will add a punch to the taste.

Finally I have a can of Guinness Stout to end my afternoon lunch.

A simple lunch can be a rejuvenating experience and you need not have it in an expensive place.