My foodie Interest (吃四方)

Joo Chiat – Long Phuang (Vietnamese Restaurant)

Long Phuang is located opposite an array of drinking holes along Joo Chiat road.  The only time I visit this place is in the late afternoon for a quick chill out before I fetch my children.

Long Phuang is an interesting eatery.  By day, it serves authentic Vietnamese meals to some professionals, expatriates, and couples.  At night, the crowd is different and interesting; the scantily dressed Vietnamese girls are working in the neighbouring pubs and night clubs, and the hardcore alcoholic drinkers are taking a puff outside the drinking holes.  You will find a total change in ambience between day and night.

The occasional afternoon break at Long Phuang is my time out with some close friends.  It is a few rounds of beer with deep fried quails, fried chicken wings, green mangoes, pho (Vietnamese noodles) with beef, spring rolls, chicken nuggets, and gong gong.  It boasted a good selection of Vietnamese food at reasonable price.  It is no wonder that it attracts a good number of customers at different time of the day.

There are many ways to chill out and relax.  The once-a-while visit to Long Phuang is rather entertaining and enriching.  It is a taste of culture; experiencing foreign cooking taste, appreciating the food and service which reflects their way of life, and most importantly, rekindles old friendship.

A visit to Long Phuang by day and by night offers you a taste of two different experiences and culture.

Long Phuang is just one of those restaurants which can give you more than what you can consume in your head than in your stomach.

Long Phuang 159 Joo Chiat Road