Thoughts (思)

Joo Chiat – Teong Theng at 369 Joo Chiat Road

Well, Teong Theng is not a Chinese restaurant and you may find some wonderful retro rattan furniture in this old colonial shop house.  This may be the oldest rattan furniture shop in Singapore and its magical charm is rather irresistible.

The wooden signboard which read ‘Teong Theng Carpentry’ in Chinese is a rare sight in these days.  What appears on top of the sign board looks like a “Bagua Jing (Ba Gua Mirror), maybe not.  A Bagua Jing normally takes the form of a small round mirror between four to six inches in size, and encased at the sides with either an octagonal wooden frame or metal frame.  It is normally used in Feng Shui (the art of Chinese metaphysics), originating from Taoism, to avert negative energy, adjust and balance the Chi.  With the rustic furniture stacking at either sides of the shop and some hanging overhead, this decades old shop is like a Japanese Fortune Cat, beckoning more than a visit.

A four legged rattan chair caught my attention.  It doubles as a baby chair, which brought back fond memories when my mother fed me porridge while I was seated sturdily in cool comfort.  My boys were amused by the frog-like laundry basket and took a couple of photo shots at it.  The rattan ball is a cheap ball game for sepak tekraw lovers but apparently my boys appeared to have no likings for a rattan ball bouncing on their heads.

At Teong Theng, you may find nice picnic basket for a weekend outing at the beach, a rattan racket to batter the dust on the mattress, nice cool rocking chair for the young and old, rustic umbrella or magazine holder, modern looking laundry basket, inclinable resting chair, a heart-shape fan may ‘wing’ the heart of your loved ones if you fan off the heat in a blazing hot day, or some other rattan furniture which may just simply catch your attention.

It will be an interesting visit after lunch in Joo Chiat.