My foodie Interest (吃四方)

Katong – Coccogelo at 89 East Coast Road

It was relatively new when I first entered the cafe; it had the smell of fresh paint but my boys and I were attracted by the life-size animated figures painted on the wall.  Entering the shop is like entering into a fantasy world where the story begins with the first step…

Their cartoon-style website simple says it all about their best Italian gelato…

Our favourites are the orange chocolate, Pistachio and strawberry.  There are surprises of new flavours and that is what will entice you to go back again.

If you are not sure how to plan your visits to Coccogelo, just go with the following…

MONDAY – Gingerbread, Milo Crumble, Apple Crumble Pie, Banana Crumble Pie, Dark Cherry Mocha, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip, Pop Crunch

TUESDAY – Strawberry, Tropical Summer Sorbet, Lemon Custard, Black Sesame, Green Tea Matcha, Red Bull

WEDNESDAY – Hazelnut, Japanese Sweet Potato, Caramel Custard with Almond flake, Lychee Sorbet, Orange Chocolate, Pina Colada, Pineapple Sorbet

THURSDAY – Spiced Apple Curry, Persimmon, Pumpkin, Chestnut, Peach Cream, Strawberry Milk Chocolate Chip, Mango Lassi

FRIDAY – Banana Tim Tam, Chocolate Mango Passion fruit, Honey Yogurt, Orange Chocolate, Pina Colada, Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip, Candied Orange Chocolate

SATURDAY – Your favourite flavour

SUNDAY – Your favourite flavour