My foodie Interest (吃四方)

Katong – Ji Bao Eating House (吉宝小吃) at Odean Katong Building

Ji Bao Eating House (吉宝小吃) at Odean Katong Building

Odean Katong was an iconic building in Katong more than 20 years ago.  It was probably one of the earliest movie theatre located in the vicinity of Katong.  Today, a church is the major tenant of Odean Katong, accompanied by several pubs and some eateries.

I had lunch with my family today at Ji Bao for less than $20 for a family of four.  Despite its rundown outlook, in my opinion, it serves one of the best Hong Kong style noodles; the thin yellow colour noodles is served hot with a crunchy texture in tasty pork stock.  The simple stall is almost never at rest with its patrons.

Our lunch today was soupy prawn dumpling with noodles, soupy chicken macaroni, and served with fried dumplings and chicken wings.  It was a splendid meal at decent hawker price.

After a meal, you may walk down the stretch of Katong and view the colonial style low-rise buildings, now occupied by an array of new eateries, pastry shops, and retail; in anticipation of the new and upcoming refurnished Katong Mall, the next icon building in Katong for the next many ten years.