My foodie Interest (吃四方)

Katong – Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ

Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ is located at 103/105 East Coast Road.

Thai BBQ for anyone?  Then head to 103/105 East Coast Road.  It is already quite prominent by the main road.

It is both BBQ and miniature steamboat roll into one.  A wok-like and shallow pot is placed on top a metal container of burning charcoal.  The middle of the wok is a dome-shape raised cooking pan for BBQ, while you can do the steamboat at the side of the shallow wok.

To start with, place a few pieces of lard at the top of the wok and allow the sinful oil to flow downwards before you BBQ the marinated meat.  Do not miss this part or you will burn most of the BBQ meat.  The rest of the vegetables are cooked in the stock.  It goes well with their hot-to-handle chili paste.  We simply love the taste of BBQ meat, and I take delight to serve my son the whole night.

The two of us settled down for a set meal for two and he enjoyed the sizzling action of cooking the varieties of marinated meat and mini steamboat.  The meat were soft and tender, and the spices were just nice for me while my boy aired his tongue and down gulps of fizzy drinks to cool the heat.  You may want to challenge the ultimate fiery chili padi sauce if you are game.

It is quite a novelty.  However, be prepare to take a shower after that if you do not want to smell like BBQ meat.