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Tanjong Pagar – Keen on Crepes

My masseuse was easy on me today.  She giggled after learning that I am still recuperating from the massage which left me limping for the past three weeks.  I am taking medication to relax the stiff muscles and tension in the feet.  She massaged lightly on my legs and focused massaging my shoulders instead: I felt completely free after the whole session.  She might wonder how a petite woman like her could cause such agonizing aches.

It was near lunch time after the massage.  Instead of going the usual way to the train station, I turned left to Tanjong Pagar Road from Craig Road.  In its heyday, Tanjong Pagar Road was a rowdy pub-strewn street.  It became alive in the evenings with all the freelancers, so-called ladies (hostesses), moving from pub to pub, earning a meager fee from the ladies drink.  It took a couple of raids – a few years ago – to give Tanjong Pagar a new facelift of bridal shops, fine dining restaurants, cafes and design studios.  A few pubs still struggle to hang on, but it had already lost its lustre after that raids.

I explored Tanjong Pagar Road for the new cafes and restaurants and came across Keen on Crepes: it is all about crepes.  I had crepes years back.  My impression about crepes is nothing more than just sweet and the crepes will break at the scratch of the fork.  I was about to leave when I decided to check out the menu on the glass wall.

Surprisingly, it shows a good selection of crepes to go with meat or vegetables or as sweet.  The meat menu includes tomato beef, Thai chicken, sesame chicken and tuna.  The vegetarian crepes can go with dhal or hummus or mushrooms.  The sweet crepes look tantalizing with the lure of chocolate, nuts, rum raisins, shredded coconut, apple cinnamon, peanut butter and mixed fruits.  Keen on Crepes uses no dairy products, no deep frying, no hydrogenated oil, and no trans fats in their food.  Furthermore, they ensure using less sugar and salt as well.  Finally, the gluten free healthy buckwheat wraps the fillings before it is served.

My lunch was a Mediterranean-style crepe with yellow dhal, mozzarella cheese, fresh vegetables and garlic dill dressing, and a cup of Malabar Chai.  Normally I use knife and fork to eat my crepes but Keen on Crepes serves no cutlery for crepes.  So, I used my bare hands.  Their crepe was like a piece of silk, soft and delicate in the hands.  It did not break in my clumsy hands when I tried to juggle the one-inch thick corner into my mouth.  The bite was soft and filled with dhal moist while the vegetables added a crunch to the satisfying bite.  There was not a taste of oil.  It was a mild taste of natural ingredients.  Throughout the meal, the silky texture of the crepe remained firm and held the ingredients well.  The serving was reasonable huge and I could not finish it.  I rested a while, performed several tasks on my iPad before I washed it down slowly with the pleasant smell of the cool Malabar Chai without any addictives.  The little sachet of Malabar Chai comes neatly in a little paper box which I mistook it for a cube of sugar.  It fused the big cup of boiling water with a nice hue and leaves no dry sensation inside the mouth.

Well, my impression about crepe is no longer associated with just sweet.  At Keen on Crepes, it can be a satisfying and healthy meal.  I will probably visit Keen on Crepes again until I try all its crepes.

Keen on Crepes
96 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088517
Tel: 6221 0282
Opening hours
Mon – Fri : 10.30am to 10.30pm
Sat, Sun : 11.30am to 10.30pm
Keen on Crepes Express
One Raffles Place
Above Raffles Place MRT
Will open before 15 Dec 2011