My foodie Interest (吃四方)

Tanjong Pagar – The Plain at 50 Craig Road

The Plain is located at 50 Craig Road, a short walk from Tanjong Pagar train station.  As this is a two way single lane traffic, it is probably not easy to catch a glimpse of this café, if you happen to drive, which is neatly tuck in between the row of houses.

I have recently resumed my massage session along Craig Road.  It has really been a while since I have last visited the spa about one year ago, and I immediately took notice of the café just across the road.  As plain as it is from the outside, it really appear like an office unit until I saw an avid cyclist in his leotard-tight wear who was reclining in comfort in a couch, holding a cup of drink, sipping and probably reading his emails from the blackberry.  Curiosity aroused, and I crossed the road, a stone throw away, and enter the café.  The Plain has been here a year ago.  It means to say that I have been missing the sensory touch of comfort for at least a year.  There is something to catch up here, massage, and perhaps inspiration from this cafe.

A green couch lies on the left of the entrance, a misperception from the outside offering its look as an office. The owner probably does not want the place to be crowded with chairs and tables just to maximize the bottom line.  The elongated café start its business right after the couch some rectangular tables lining by the right of the wall and stop short before the fire-fighting hose, which somehow makes an interesting wall feature.  And just across these rows of tables, are the well spaced kitchen area where simple food of sandwiches and drinks are served from here. Two round tables are spaced between the kitchen area and a large square table, joined by 4 other square tables.  It is not the usual uniform design but something free rein, casual, and spontaneous.

As the light music pump through the speakers from the ceilings where the suspended yellow lights offers pleasing comfort to the eyes, people are casually chatting while enjoying the breakfast of muesli, coffee or tea.   I had a refreshing fruit salad with yogurt, and a caffeine-concentrated brewed coffee, as bitter as it is without the milk and sugar, and the strong aroma of coffee punching to keep me awake in this sleepy morning.  The sight of the young staff managing the café exuberate a vibrant energy of youth and enthusiasm, and is in total contrast to the yellow lights offering a lazy and a get-away feeling in the morning.

Nevertheless, this free and easy café offers a relaxing and casual experience for those with time off to read an electronic book, or a no frills family breakfast gathering for toast, sweets and drinks.  It opens from morning till evening daily and about 1000 pm on a Wednesday.  As for me on a weekend in this cafe, it probably helps me to gather my thoughts and organize myself for the week to come.