My foodie Interest (吃四方)

Upper Thomson – Sembawang Hill Food Centre

Sembawang Hill Food Centre is located at Upper Thomson.  It is near to the Lower Pierce Reservoir.

This small food centre packs a crowd both weekdays and weekends. I have not been there for months since moving to the east years ago. My last visit was months back for the Kway Chap. During this September school holidays, it will be good to bring the children to food centres instead of the usual fast food joints to appreciate the good old cultures, which once serve their parents generation, and will continue to do so for the next generation.

Sin Hoe Huat Café

At one corner of the food centre is Sin Hoe Huat Café. Check out the interesting tattoos on the towkay’s leg. Anyway, their traditional bread set at $2.50 only consist of a hot drink, two half boiled eggs and a toasted bun with kaya and butter (they called it the emperor’s bun) is popular. Customers order a few sets at each time.

My traditional kopi-C (coffee in evaporated milk and less sugar) is served in a small cup – that is how it is being served in the 70s, 80s and early 90s – and you can probably finish the half boiled eggs in two single gulps.

It is a superb breakfast set. I have it for lunch at times or tea breaks when I do not have the appetite and a dose of caffeine to keep me alert in the afternoon.

San Ba Wang Guo Zhi Shu Shi at unit #01-06 (Kway Chap)

My favourite stall is the Kway Chap stall, San Ba Wang Guo Zhi Shu Shi at unit #01-06.

It is actually a braised of pig’s innards (big and small intestines), pig’s skin, and pork with fried soy bean puff (tau pok) and hard boiled eggs with dark soy sauce and spices. The braised ingredients are served with flat white noodles and a ladle full of braised sauce.

My waiting time today was 25 minutes.

I did not mind the wait for the thin slices of innards, which was cooked till tender and easy to chew, and it went very well with their home-made chili sauce. It takes an effort to clean the intestines and rid it of the smell. Furthermore, we had the time to chat casually and interact with each other. For a family of four, we spent only $13.50 for a sumptuous meal.

By the time we left the place, the waiting time was estimated to be a staggering 40 minutes.

Seng Huat Duck Rice at #01-07

I had already tried the duck rice for a couple of times . It is relatively a new stall. But if the food is good, the crowd will just come.

For Teochew braised duck, their sauce is simply wonderful and goes well with a plate of plain rice. In restaurant, Teochew braised duck or goose is normally served in slices for easy consumption. This stall holder is very generous in serving big cuts instead. After a while, the chewing can numb the jaws. Nevertheless, it is thumbs up for its unique taste of the dark-colored sauce and its braised duck, as well as the herbal soup.

If your company of friends enjoys the taste of braised duck, just buy a couple of braised duck heads (cut into half), duck necks cut into pieces, duck wings and braised web feet, and everything will go well with a bottle or bottles of red wine.

Don’t drive when you drink.  Cheers.