About Papa Cooks

My little journey of cooking started when the eldest son was preparing for his primary school leaving examinations.
We have the boring tiffin meals for most of the weekdays and we only eat out during Friday nights and the most of the weekends with friends and family members. As time became precious to rest, study and play, we resorted to takeaways from the nearby food centers.

There is nothing really wrong with takeaway food and it is readily available everywhere in Singapore. After a while, we appeared to be have the same takeaway, repeated over a short period of time. Takeaway from food centers is easily flavoured by doses of salt to enhance the taste. Takeaway from restaurants can be very expensive, and it does not necessary taste as good as home cooked food by the time we start to eat at home. The yearnings finally overcame routine of takeaway food from that day of one home-cooked soup and 3 chinese dishes. From there onwards, we had lamb shank, American continental big breakfast, rosemary chicken, tonic chicken and to name a few. This is cheaper than what we will pay for the takeaway meals but most importantly the children enjoy helping out in the kitchen during their breakfast, learning a thing or two about food, preparation, and cooking. Most importantly, we do enjoy the bonding of cooking a decent and healthy meal for the whole family.

I will be delighted to share with you the joy of cooking a fabulous meal for the family. If you put in your heart and soul, you can easily start off with a 3-star Michelin scramble egg.
Enjoy reading.